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Unity Missionary Investors

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Unity Missionary Investors helps rebuild communities with a slow methodical process of accessing resources, education and reliance on the pillars of the community.  Unity gathers the stakeholders and works from the inside out, providing access to resources for the citizens.  Addressing issues of health, education, physical, infrastructure, economic and poverty levels, life skills, transportation, industry, local organizations, employment levels, entertainment, government and housing.  Advocating for these issues empowers the community with a powerful voice of freedom. Unity has a strong concern for the needs of each and every individual, thus it sets forth to rebuild communities one brick at a time.


 The Anthony Fund

This initiative targets young inner city men who suffer from head injuries.  It is well documented that 71% of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in young men have soared from 150,000 to 250,000 in a short period.  The roots of these injuries arise from sports, war injuries and in the inner cities, violent crimes, rough play and physical discipline.

Although TBI symptoms may appear mild at the onset, this type of injury can cause lifelong impairment that affects memory, behavior, learning and emotions.  Unattended, these issues can lead to uncontrolled violent acts in later life.  American Journal of Psychiatry, September 1997

Unity will continue to find innovative ways and resources to address these problems using health care professionals, the wisdom of research and educating the community to reverse the rising tide of these injuries: classes for parents, enlightening clergy and church congregations, training community leaders, acting as a liaison for health care and raising funds to provide the tools to avert further damage to the young men of these communities.  Our intent is to:

  • advocate for laws assisting victims
  • educate families, organizations and community leaders about TBI
  • provide access to health services for victims and families
  • provide scholarships for victims, desiring higher education in the study of TBI and health care


Cut The Fat

cut the fat is a critical campaign to saves lives through a three step process, monitored and directed by health care professionals, nutritionists, dieticians, and fitness experts. The War will be waged for three communities; children, adults,(young and middle aged) and seniors. We endeavor to fight the bulge and gain control of tendencies to overeat due to poor and/or improper nutrition, lack of exercise and lack of proper medical attention.

Our campaign is staged in three major steps.

1  Muscle Tone

age appropriate simple exercise program, low impact exercise regimen, periodically monitored by healthcare professional (s)

2  Body Fuel

simple appetizing, healthy menus

education in purchasing and preparing food

menus designed for specific health disparities

cooking demonstrations

3 Brain Food

nutrition education

health disparity prevention tips

workshops, lectures and roundtable to discuss food related issues

resource linkage

The collaboration of both The Nubian Center & Unity is a powerful stimulus to community empowerment through activities and programs that address critical issues that hinder the growth of these communities, e.g. healthcare, education, lifestyles, economics and more.  Ready to listen, learn and act, these organizations always offer a "hand up", not a "hand out" to provide sustainability in its efforts to stimulate and reinforce critical values for its growth.



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Ties for Tony

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Raising funds for The Anthony Project

Helping Young men with brain injuries 

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