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About Us

With faith in God and one another, we can make this world a better place for all.Clark D. Everson, president of Unity Missionary Investors, and Henry C. Rawls, president of Nubian Cultural Center for Research, have served the communities of Plainfield, Newark and Jersey City, bringing innovative programs that help improve the qualityof life and create racial and ethnic harmony.  Their programs are multigenerational and aim to "teach the people to fish" so that the programs are sustainable ways of life.  Hosting Rites of Pasage programs, health fairs and seminars that are a forum for the public's voice.

Their consulting firm, EversonRawls LLP, has been instrumental in the groundwork of organizations like New Covenant Christian Academy, ArtSmarts and many more too numerous to mention.  Their innovative programs include: fundraising, individual professional consultation, fine tuning the business mechanisma of church, life skills and more.

The union of efforts of two organizations brings powerful resources and access for cultural exchange and community empowerment in manifold ways. Join us and start a new day!




The collaboration of both The Nubian Center & Unity is a powerful stimulus to community empowerment through activities and programs that address critical issues that hinder the growth of these communities, e.g. healthcare, education, lifestyles, economics and more.  Ready to listen, learn and act, these organizations always offer a "hand up", not a "hand out" to provide sustainability in its efforts to stimulate and reinforce critical values for its growth.